Toolbar Questions Answered

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The following are frequently asked questions about our product.

1. Can your toolbars on sale be customized to my needs?
Our toolbars on sale are fully customizable. You can mix and match the features you wish on your toolbar. From search engines to RSS feeds or with radio or no radio.

2. Will your toolbar makes my PC slow?
The download size of our toolbars are less than 1MB in size. It only takes a tiny space on your harddisk and memory. The toolbar does connect to the Internet to display latest info to your toolbar users.

3. Does your toolbar comes an uninstaller?
Definitely. All our toolbars will uninstall cleanly from your PC.

4. Does your toolbar contains spyware, adware or malware?
No. We never install any spyware, adware, malware or any kind of hidden scripts or software that intrudes your users’ privacy.

5. Does your toolbar knows what website I’m surfing?
Our toolbar only collects info on what websites users surf, anonymously. This means we do not know who is surfing on what websites.

6. How much do you charge if I wish to create my own toolbar from scratch?
Our fees start from as low as USD100. Depending on the complexity of your toolbar, we always offers the most competitive price. Please contact us for details.

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