Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our toolbar,

•Does NOT spy on users
•Does NOT launch pop-ups
•Does NOT “hijack” users’ searches
•Does NOT create security holes

Privacy concerns 
Almost all Internet users are becoming increasingly familiar with privacy issues, spyware, pop-ups and the all-important issue of security. This increased awareness can often discourage prospective users from downloading applications such as toolbar.

Many toolbar and other seemingly harmless, downloadable applications infest users’ computers with spyware and activate pop-ups. Even more troubling and invasive are applications that actually “hijack” user searches and create security holes.

The effects are devastating. These “little” applications and their hidden cargo of spyware slow down users’ machines and violate their privacy. Pop-ups and applications that “hijack” searches make users feel a disconcerting lack of control. Many users have a hard time ridding their computers of these undesired effects. Nothing can remedy the users feelings: their privacy and computers were invaded.

Our commitment 
We are committed to protect your privacy.
An ToolbarPro toolbar does not violate users’ privacy and does not create security holes.

No Spy 
Our toolbar does NOT spy after the user and does not transfer any personally identifiable information such as a name or an E-mail address, ensuring complete anonymity for users. URLs and search queries are NOT stored and are not transmitted to any third party.

When used, our toolbar send our system unidentifiable statistics regarding usage of features. The statistics are completely anonymous and do not contain any personal identification. We do not match individual users with their specific Web or toolbar usage and don’t share the specifics with anybody. A user id is used solely for the purpose of offering toolbar publishers with reliable status of their active toolbar users (how many people are using a certain toolbar). This user id is not transmitted during any other use of the toolbar.

Our toolbar is equipped with a straight-forward uninstaller which removes the toolbar from the system.

Our toolbar does not allow access to users’ computers. Moreover, the toolbar has been meticulously checked for software bugs, and is not known to create any “security holes” that can make it easier to other software or people to access your computer without permission.

Other software 
Our toolbar installation package does not install any other software, except for the toolbar itself.